BOB KEEGAN SIGNED Postcard (d.2001) Chicago White Sox

SIGNER: Bob Keegan

APPROXIMATE SIZE: 3-1/2'x5-1/2"

MARKS / STAMPING: Hand-signed by Bob Keegan


COMMENTS / CONDITION: Standard 3-1/2''x5-1/2'' postcard (featuring the ''Sand Lot Kid'' statue at Doubleday Field in Cooperstown, NY on the front) which has been hand-signed by Bob Keegancollector. Comes from a collection of signed postcards assembled by a collector in the late 1980s-early 1990's (judging by the signers). All autographs in this particular collection are on the same medium: a photo postcard of the "Sand Lot Kid" statue outside Doubleday Field in Cooperstown, NY. Some of the players signed the front (photo) side of the postcard, some the back, and a few signed both sides (just to be sure). The name and rookie year of the player is pencilled on the back of each card, assumedly by the collector. For the sake of time, only the signature side of each card has been scanned. If you need to see the other side, please let me know. As with all of my signed items, the signature is guaranteed to pass further inspection by any major authenticator, or your money back. See scans for signature quality and photo condition.

BIO: Robert Charles Keegan (Smiley) was born in 1920 in Rochester, NY and died in 2001 in Rochester, NY. He went to college at Bucknell University. He played major league baseball from 1953 to 1958 as pitcher for the Chicago White Sox. Following baseball, he was a purchasing agent and plant manager for an optical equipment company during his working years.

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BOB KEEGAN SIGNED Postcard (d.2001) Chicago White SoxBOB KEEGAN SIGNED Postcard (d.2001) Chicago White SoxBOB KEEGAN SIGNED Postcard (d.2001) Chicago White Sox
BOB KEEGAN SIGNED Postcard (d.2001) Chicago White Sox
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