1930's Original Photo BUMP HADLEY New York Yankees Vintage News Type 1

DATE SHOT: 1936-40

SUBJECTS: Bump Hadley, Ruth Bayline Collection


COMMENTS / CONDITION: Offered is an approximately 8"x10" vintage original news photo of Bump Hadley, pictured in his New York Yankees uniform circa 1936-40. The verso simply bears a handwritten notation of the photo's subject along with a small amount of affixed scrapbook remainder. This is what would be termed a Type 1 photograph, developed from the original negative in the time period in which it was originally shot. This is one of a number of photos to be offered which hail from a series of photo albums carefully prepared for posterity in the Yankee front office between the 1930s and 1960s. See below for additional information regarding this historic collection, and please see scans for further details including condition.

BIO: Irving Darius Hadley was born in Lynn, MA and died in 1963 in Lynn, MA. He went to college at Brown University. He played major league baseball from 1926 to 1941 as pitcher for the Washington Senators, Chicago White Sox, St. Louis Browns, New York Yankees, New York Giants and the Philadelphia Athletics, and appeared in the 1936, 1937 and 1939 World Series.

Hailed as "The Albums That Ruth Built," the series of photo albums from which this photograph proceeds were carefully prepared for posterity in the Yankee front office between the 1930s and 1960s. The best guess is that the forward-thinking archivalist was one Ruth Bayline. A switchboard operator-turned-administrative assistant, Bayline worked closely with the team's executives and is present in many of the non-baseball-related images. Although it's unlikely that her job detail entailed the acquisition or commission of particular photos, the collection gives every indication of having been assembled by Bayline alone with the utmost passion and diligence for her beloved Bronx Bombers. Her ambitious album project appears to have come to its end around the time CBS bought the franchise in the mid-1960s.

From what we can discern, the vast majority of these photos were produced "in house" for reference/library/promotional usage by the era's official Yankee photographers such as Thorne Studios, Cosmo-Sileo and Bob Olen. Thus, they represent the exact photos that the Yankees would have issued to national newspapers and media outlets upon an inquiry for specific player images. Until those publication requests were granted and distribution took place, however, there was simply no need for the Yankees to identify their own photos. As a result, this raw collection is largely unstamped and blank-backed—in contrast to the bevy of dates, codes and copyrights that typically adorn photo reverses. Moreover, even those specimens without a visible forensic link to Thorne or Cosmo still employ the identical paper stock used by those studios. In some instances, additional known copies of these photos do exist in the hobby with the pertinent stamp record—signifying that they were proliferated more widely. In many other cases, the image content here seems quite exclusive to the inner sanctum of the franchise front office, with incredibly fresh discoveries of never-before-seen pictures. Best of all, this inside sourcing provided consistent direct access to the original negatives, which resulted in Type I photos of the highest possibly quality—bar none.

Turning to technical details, the meticulous collection is stunningly well preserved. Through a half-century of safekeeping, it has managed to avoid those many trappings of contemporary photos subjected to publication usage, such as heavy creasing, crazing, crop marks, background masks, editorial accents, off-cut sizes, surface paper loss, and "show-through" from reverse-side handwritten notations. In general, condition averages EX to EX/MT with only light, essentially insignificant peripheral wear that has little or no impact at all upon the glossy central image areas. A minute number of photos (less than 1%) show the slightest evidence of perimeter chipping, and more than half bear black-paper album-mounting remnants on the backs that cannot be seen whatsoever upon frontal display. Several of the very finest photos are encapsulated as Type I by PSA/DNA and have received professional conservation to seamlessly remove the aforementioned mounting remnants. Make no mistake, however: The remainder (with occasional exception, as noted) could receive the same elite treatment. This is an across-the-board bona fide Type I collection of the highest order. Nearly every single photo was created from the original negative at the time of the image itself. As a result, overall image quality—in terms of clarity, contrast and resolution—is nothing short of extraordinary.

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1930's Original Photo BUMP HADLEY New York Yankees Vintage News Type 11930's Original Photo BUMP HADLEY New York Yankees Vintage News Type 1
1930's Original Photo BUMP HADLEY New York Yankees Vintage News Type 1
1930's Original Photo BUMP HADLEY New York Yankees Vintage News Type 1
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